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About the Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service
(a non-p
rofit corporation)

Call the Patrol Officer on duty 24 x 7 @ 713-825-5555

The Patrol was organized in 1984, and incorporated in 1989, to provide patrol coverage in the Boulevard Oaks and Southampton neighborhoods. Over the years the service has been a great asset to the neighborhood. Patrolmen are able to respond quickly to a variety of calls, ranging from suspicious persons to magazine scam artists and graffiti vandals, to calls about serious crimes. Although our tax dollars pay for police, the city budget is not large enough to include regular beat patrols, nor are there enough HPD officers to meet the demands of America’s fourth largest city. The Patrol fills this void. Vacation watch and alarm service are also available to subscribers. Please note that although they share similar names, the Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol and BOCA (acronym for Boulevard Oaks Civic Association) are separate entities. BOCA encourages you to support this invaluable service.

1. The Patrol NEEDS your contributions. Service is only available to our neighborhood as a result of voluntary contributions by the residents of Boulevard Oaks, Southampton, and Southampton Extension. Quarterly contributions of $110 are requested. If you are a Boulevard Oaks resident and are not a Patrol contributor, please send in your contribution today. Contributions are not tax deductible. Quarterly requests are mailed to all Boulevard Oaks property owners in January, April, July, and October. Contributions may be sent to Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service, P.O. Box 66358, Houston, TX 77266.  Click here for a patrol signup form.

NEW! The Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service is now online! They now have an active website where you can set up a personal membership account to receive emailed invoices, reminders and newsletters and make online credit card payments. Go to https://sbps.memberclicks.net. Scroll down and click on the Enroll Now! button and follow the instructions."

2. Patrolmen are off-duty HPD officers. They wear badges, carry guns and make arrests.

3. The Patrol owns two late model police patrol cars equipped with factory police equipment package. Patrol cars have police type identification markings and lights.

4. The Patrol is on 24-hour duty. Officers rotate in shifts to provide our neighborhood with continuous service.

5. The Patrol is not a substitute for the Houston Police Department. Although the Patrol is often our first line of defense, the Patrol is not a substitute police department. The Patrol monitors HPD dispatch throughout the day and responds immediately to emergency calls from Southampton residents, arriving on the scene much faster than on-duty HPD. Emergency calls should be made to 911.

For more information, billing inquiries, or telephone stickers, contact the Patrol’s business office at 713-825-4558. Leave your name, address, phone number, and state the nature of the inquiry/problem, and you will receive a return call shortly. Telephone stickers are available by sending a SASE to P.O. Box 66358, Houston, TX 77266.

For questions or complaints, contact the Patrol Coordinator Officer Richard Kent, southamptonbocapatrol@yahoo.com, or Patrol Service President, Ken Hamilton, lynhp@swbell.net, 713.526.5574.

Updated 2/12/22