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Deed Restrictions

Besides restrictions, Houston has its own separate ordinances and codes prohibiting certain uses of properties. Prevailing setback, prevailing lot size and other restrictions may exist in addition to restrictions placed on lots by recorded deeds or restrictive covenant agreements. It is your sole responsibility to procure, or have a title company procure, current restrictions and other instruments that may encumber the use of your property from the Harris County real property records at your own expense. You should request a title company to run a title search to secure more recent restrictions. Do not engage any architect, engineer or builder or start any new construction, remodeling or any other improvements until you have made (or had a title company make) a formal search of all recorded matters that may affect your right to use the property. If you or your agent fail to make a formal, current search to update the information provided, and it is later determined that additional restrictions of which you were unaware apply and were violated, you are likely to be enjoined and could even be forced to tear down improvements that violate applicable restrictions at your sole cost and expense and to pay your neighbors' attorneys' fees for correcting the violation.

BOCA is not qualified to interpret restrictions. You should seek the advice of an attorney before remodeling, replacing or building any new structure or improvements. Again, before building or taking bids on construction, determine whether plans must be approved by your subdivision's Architectural Control Committee or similar committee, which may be required by your restrictions.

Updated May 1, 2024